Scoring Rules


The competitions on this website is based on predicting the scores of football fixtures. Using your skill and judgement you predict the full-time score in each game, and are awarded points depending how accurate your prediction is. All points are totalled and shown in the league table.

Gaining Points

You gain points by predicting the final score of every fixture in the competitions you've joined. Points are allocated in the following way:

Result correct:
5 points
(i.e. Home win, Draw, Away win)
No. of goals correct:
2 points
for each team (i.e. Home no. of goals, Away no. of goals)
Perfect prediction:
10 points
for a perfect prediction
Score Draw Bonus:
2 points
if you predict a score draw and the result was a different score draw

'Result correct' refers to whether you predicted the outcome of the match correctly: Home Win, Draw or Away Win.

'Goals correct' refers to the number of goals scored by each side. If this is correct, you get 2 points per side.

A Perfect Prediction is when you got the score spot on.

For example, if the full-time score in Germany v Portugal is 3-1 to the Germans, then the following predictions would be awarded the following points:

2 points
for the Portugal score
2 points
for the Germany score
5 points
for the correct result but no correct scores
7 points
for the result + Portugal's score
7 points
for the result + Germany's score
10 points
score spot on - Perfect prediction

Knockout Games

In tournaments that have knockout games, you predict the final score at the end of 90 minutes (FT). Any goals scored in Extra Time (ET) or penalties do not count towards the prediction.

So a prediction of 2-1 must be correct at 90mins. A 1-1 draw, with 2-1 after ET would not be correct.



Predictions can be changed as often as you like up until 5 minutes before each game kicks off.

When the cutoff time arrives, you'll be able to see everyone elses predictions for that game(s). Predictions for later games will still remain hidden until their cut-off time.



Prizes are determined by the prediction league you've joined. See the individual prediction league page for details.


Make sure that you know and trust anyone you send money to for a prediction league. Please report any issues here.